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Paterson S. Food hypersensitivity in 20 dogs with skin and  signs. J Sm Anim Pract 1995;36:529-534.
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I was just wondering how long did it take for your dogs to get sick after switching food? Also was wondering how much food do you purchase at one time and where and how do you store it? Just curious, I have a golden retriever who is about a year-and-a-half-old. We got him from a breeder near Springfield Missouri who had him on a formula that he came up with himself. It was made up of three different types of food they all came in large bags. All three bags together weigh 100lbs. I was storing the food in a large trach barrel in the garage. I started to notice some changes that developed over time . As we started getting down to the bottom of the last barrel of food. I noticed that he’s not as enthused about eating it. He is also had a lot of skin problems, itching and scratching ect.I started gradually switching him over to Earth-born Holistics Coastal catch. I bought a lot smaller bag and I have been keeping it in the refrigerator. It’s made all the difference in the world. No digestive problems and his skin is clearing up.
any large bag of Wellness dry dog food (18 lb – 30 lb Wellness dry dog bags)
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My male mastiff had to be fixed for a medical issue he is 8. His whole life he typical stayed around 130 as he is very active deer like. A year after surgery he’s now 174 so he has gained a lot of weight which is adding hip problems now. He gets the same or more exercise now than before and I already cut his food intake by a 1/3 with no luck at all. I feed him 3 times a day 4 cans of evo dog food and one solo cup of dry food now compared to before he was getting 3 times a day 6 cans and dry food to eat at will. Nothing seems to help and of course all started right after we had to fix him. on one (1) bag of Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Dog Food, any size, any variety Redeemable only at Petco.
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My Whippet got very sick a month ago and required vetting. After blood, urine and fecal lab test were performed, they couldn't find the reason she was so sick. So, I was weary of what could have caused her illness. I started spooning out the can dog food into a sterile jar to keep fresh after opening to store in the fridge. Today 4/3/17 I opened a new can and found plastic the size of a dime in the Whole Earth can dog food, same food I'd been feeding her when she got so ill. I called Merrick to report my finding the plastic. They apologized and wanted me to pay to return the evidence to them to look into the issue sounding unconcerned about the problem. I think this is what caused my dog to get so sick before. I took pictures and have saved the plastic. I will be talking to my vet to get counsel on how to proceed with this as it could be happening to many other pets as well.I buy Purina SmartBlend for both my labs. They like the lamb and rice formula the best. You can buy it most anywhere. They are 10 years old and are fairly active. They have tried several other Purina blends but this is a healthy balance for them. They like the smaller bite of food. It is well balanced with protein and vitamins needed for larger dogs. I have not had any weight problems while feeding them this brand.My cat has never had skin problems and my cat and dog eat Purina food. My dog would sometimes eat Mousey's food. Scabs were on both. Dog I have made sure has not eaten Purina indoor cat food and skin problems stopped. Mousey's haven't. Has there been any changes in ingredients in last 6 months? I gave him taste of the Wild and he has not scratched today hardly any. Used this product ten yrs. I'm taking him to the vet again and he is 11 and worried giving ** to him. ** isn't working either. I haven't changed detergents, anything. I'm gonna really upset if I find out if it's different ingredients and my baby boy has suffered for months. I'm taking samples of the scabs stuck on skin and hair tomorrow and the lady that opened the bag of Purina hairball food and moths... yes infested with moths!!! I'm highly disgusted. I've paid so much money in Purina, I should have blue chip stocks. I want answers.Nutro has been providing natural ingredients to pet food since 1926. Nutro’s commitment to healthy and safe pet food keeps their formula tailored for each stage of a pet’s life. Nutro is also active in local and national pet communities through its dog park appreciation program, its partnership with RESCUE BANK pet food distribution program, its support of the Natural Disaster Search Dog Foundation and its sustainability efforts.